Bible schools also tend to identify with a denomination or theological tradition. Christian schools can have great programs in Bible, but they just aren’t as narrowly focused on Bible like Bible schools are. Besides its wide array of degree offerings, DBU’s unique contribution is its combination of leadership training and philosophy. 63. GCC is rare for refusing federal funding, a move which keeps GCC in the throes of the free market, but allows it a high level of academic freedom. 100+ Free Bible School Courses Mobile, Tablet, And Laptop Friendly, CLI Graduates In Over 180 Countries 300,000+ Enrolled Students, Donation-Driven Model Keeps Our Courses Free, My name Is Darrin Reed, and I am on a Biblical education journey at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online Bible classes, Click, Ministry Calling My name is Camille Jean-Marie Benjamin, and I have recently embarked on a small women’s ministry. At any price, give me the book of God! I wanted to learn the Bible more, My name is Richard Parish, all my friends call me Rick. Conservatives, Southern Baptists, and Christian educators for decades have called upon Liberty for direction. Messenger College (Pentacostal)—–Euless, Texas They can also pursue graduate work in education, communication, business administration, or social work. It is the FAITH FOR TODAY Bible Correspondence Course, composed of thirty interesting and informative lessons. Hope College (Reformed Church in America)—–Holland, Michigan Honors students pursuing a biblical studies major have a total course load of 147 hours, including 12 hours each in Biblical Greek and Hebrew (six hours more than a typical Master of Divinity Degree!). General studies courses, required of all students, include Old Testament, New Testament, Bible Study, Biblical Lifestyle, Bible Exposition, four theology courses, and a Bible–related Senior Seminar. 64. Piedmont International University (Baptist)—–Winston–Salem, North Carolina John Mark Reynolds has since left to pursue other interests, but his mark has been made. To fill out this goal, HBU had a major hiring surge in 2012, taking on acclaimed Christian scholars John Mark Reynolds, Michael Licona, Nancy Pearcey, Bruce Gordon, Richard Martinez, Louis Markos, Mary Joe Sharp, and Holly Ordway. Class size is fair, at 14:1 student to teacher ratio, and about 22 students per class. Students can major in Biblical Studies and complement that with a second major in philosophy then continue to a master’s in Christian Education or Global Leadership. The school is designed for anyone who wants a focused, organized, study-at-your-own-pace environment to increase their Bible knowledge. Appalachian Bible College (Independent Bible)—–Mount Hope, West Virginia Students can graduate from liberal arts schools with a degree outside of Bible or ministry, perhaps taking only one or two core classes in Bible. Capernwray has been running a Bible School at the Monavale campus since 1996. 45. 70. 38. 84% of all students study or serve abroad, but students can also put their bible training into action locally too. Liberty has options, but without sacrificing its 24:1 student–professor ratio, or its cost of (roughly) $33,100 per year. TFC is unapologetically Christian in their stated vision and values. Seattle Pacific University (Free Methodist)—–Seattle, Washington On top of their full and online campuses, Johnson University features five ExtendEd programs (extension campuses) for adult and alternative education in Indianapolis, IN, Knoxville, TN, Louisville, KY, Phoenix, AZ, and Orlando, FL. TEN Courses MAXIMIZE LEARNING AND ACCELERATE GROWTH. Bible School. There are many other commendable schools worth your consideration. You construct your own life with your own truth. Originally, the school was named "Kentucky Holiness College," but later took on the name of "Asbury" in honor of the famous circuit–riding methodist preacher Francis Asbury. Bible schools, like Moody, Baptist Bible College, and Emmaus, identify most or all their degree programs within some field of Bible, missions, or ministry training. However, there is no basic BA degree in Bible. 31. See more about University of Dallas in these articles: Birthed out of a Boston church basement in 1889, Gordon College has grown into one of the premiere Christian universities in the nation. This kind of education does not come cheap: at almost $47,740 a year, Gordon is among the most expensive on this list. Students are equiped to maximize their Bible school experience by investigating practical issues such as note taking, studying, test taking, and time management. Ranks among The 50 Best Undergraduate Colleges in the U.S. #4 among The 20 Best Conservative Colleges in America, #1 on The Top 20 Online Theology Master’s Degree Programs, #3 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates, ORU ranks among The 100 Best Online Colleges, #1 among The Best Online Colleges in Oklahoma. Their online options likewise enable today’s student to keep up with college. The school maintains their christian identity with a non–sectarian statement of faith, regular chapel services, and an established reputation as a ministry training center. Yet, despite their Wesleyan and Methodist heritage, Asbury identifies as a broadly evangelical school, friendly to a range of Christian denominations and maintaining independence from denominational constraints and even from government influence. For one thing, they have to keep their school offerings competitively priced since there’s no government funding offsetting things. Charlotte Christian College (Non–denominational)—–Charlotte, North Carolina Adhering to Wesleyan–Anabaptist theology they are historically pacifist, emphasizing peace and reconciliation within servant–hearted Christian community. Central College (Reformed Church of America)—–Pella, Iowa 76. Originally, founded by R.A. Forrest in Golden Valley, North Carolina in 1907 with the Christian Missionary Alliance (Denomination). As of September 2017, its per–year cost is about $28,504 total (not just tuition!). This core amounts to 15 hours, enough for a minor in most schools. 65. Cincinnati Christian University—–Cincinnati, Ohio Nevada has bridged into online education too. Epic Bible College (Non–Denominational)—–Sacramento, California The school has also established the International Renewal Ministries (IRM), a catalyst for racial reconciliation in the Portland area. ORU is unabashedly ministry–minded, aimed at life–application more than biblical abstraction—–the school seeks to live out the Bible. Students can major in Christian Education and Youth Ministry, or Religion, but those are the only two distinctly religious options for ministry–minded majors. Students are not required to sign any Catholic confessional statement. Dallas Christian College (Churches of Christ)—–Dallas, Texas 39. Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary (Non–denominational)—–Ankeny, Iowa Learn on the website, on the Student LiteApp, or through postal mail. This video course is taught by veteran sign-language teacher Dr. Cathy Rice. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, 15 and how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Meanwhile, liberal arts Christian schools like Biola, Liberty, or Regent, devote considerable time and energy towards a well–rounded education including science, math, history, literature, art, and so on. These two overlap a lot, but there are some important differences between them. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Students can further expand their studies overseas, for example, with a study abroad program doing archeological digs in Israel. Theol and BA Honours at BISA in 2001-2003" But what vaults this school onto this list is its mandatory Bible component. The graduate program is a modest 39 students, with two master’s degree options: Teaching and Business. Being a "confessional school," the professors sign a broadly evangelical doctrinal statements though students are not required to do so. The school costs about $44,000 a year and is known for its world missions, its music department, and its psychology and counseling. Calvin College (Christian Reformed)—–Grand Rapids, Michigan Literature students should expect study opportunities in great works of Christian literature, as well as apologetic critiques of non–Christian literature. Collectively, Christian schools and Bible schools serve a vital role in faith and learning in America, and many Christian colleges are expanding their reach with online degree programs. Students are also required to complete 30 hours of community service per semester within their Servant Leadership Training, and serve three hours per week on campus through the Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP). Bethel University ranks #23 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates. The school offers 119 different study tracks, with six different Bible and ministry study tracks, and 110 classes available entirely online. North Greenville University (Baptist)—–Greer, South Carolina Johnson’s online campus is about 120 strong too. For example, HBU’s Honors College is designed on a Classics model similar to the Torrey Institute at Biola (no surprise there, since John Mark Reynolds formerly headed the Torrey program). 90. Grove City College (GCC) has shouldered that burden and exercised its privilege to great effect. Now Bethel University has broadened their educational offerings across four schools: arts & science, adult and professional studies, Bethel Graduate school, and Bethel Seminary. Few schools have a history or recognition comparable to Moody’s, while maintaining roots within the soil of conservative, evangelical ministry training. There is a Center for Bioethics, as well as a spate of degree options like pharmacology, social work, engineering, art design, and theater. Bible Answers for life's problems. Students at these schools are required to take core Bible classes, even if they pick the most peripheral "non–biblical" major. UD also has one of the strongest study abroad programs in the nation, with 80% of students studying in partner universities overseas, primarily in Rome, Italy. 80. New Hope Christian College (Foursquare)—–Eugene, Oregon 94. Founded in 1941 to train students in "living out the principles of New Testament Christianity," this school requires all students to complete reading the entire Bible by the end of Freshman year. I did my BA. Eschewing the terms "college" and "university," Moody dons the title of "Institute" strategically, avoiding the misnomer of "liberal arts college," since it is not focused on broad–based humanities education. Besides its strengths in the humanities, GCC also has a reputation for rigorous computer science and electrical engineering departments. Fresno Pacific University (Anabaptist)—–Fresno, California Besides these core offerings, undergraduates have at least 11 different Bible and ministry degree tracks to choose from. The Masters University would be ranked higher on this list except they have only regional and ACSI accreditation. See more about Liberty in these articles: Previously unknown beyond Texas, Houston Baptist University (HBU) has vaulted onto the map with its “10 Pillars” initiative. He has written it down in a book! 62. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The university is one of the world’s best at framing all its departments within a biblical–Christian worldview. The result is that Bible colleges reserve the time and focus to dive deep and explore their school of thought. A Bible School on Wheels training event introduces you to the content, shows you how to use it and equips you to go out and impact your community. Students can have all that for around $35,542 a year. This feature not only declares CU’s commitment to Scripture, it also shapes the campus culture. Keeping this school low on this list is its lack of integration between education and ministry. Gordon as a missionary training center, Gordon College’s motto is, “Freedom within a framework of faith.” Besides her 36 academic departments, including Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, and Philosophy, Gordon College features institutes and centers for “Faith and Inquiry,” “Christians in the Visual Arts,” “Nonprofit Studies and Philanthropy,” and the “Christian Vocational Institute.” Gordon’s seminary now operates independently, having merged with another school to make Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary. All undergraduate students are required to take the equivalent of a minor in Bible (15 credits of Bible, eight theology, and one credit in spiritual formation). A network of thousands of Christian leaders to support you in your studies, courses that you can study at your own pace anywhere, Study the Bible Online Now! The school’s protestant, evangelical, and Baptist lineage plant it deep within the soil of "Scripture–Alone" doctrine (AKA: sola scriptura). 98. Liberty’s online and distance education program is impressive in scope and consistently ranks high among the Best Online Colleges, #4 on The Top 10 Graduate Programs in Christian Apologetics, #5 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates, #3 on The Top 10 Graduate Programs in Christian Apologetics, #7 on The Best Colleges for Homeschool Graduates. "My time at the Bible Institute of South Africa cannot be overestimated. UD is also noted for its art department and its doctoral concentration in politics. is an advertising-supported site. Once the school was Baptist Bible College of Johnson City, New York, in 1932. These graduate and undergraduate degree offerings are situated within a broad liberal arts curriculum, and a variety of available study tracks. All Bible degrees require a 12 credit hour Bible core. Welch College (Free Will Baptist)—–Nashville, Tennessee Moreover, the school has such recognized alumni as Dr. Ravi Zacharias and Willowcreek pastor Bill Hybels. Bethesda University (Charismatic/Non–denominational)—–Anaheim, California Toccoa Falls is also well–regarded among homeschoolers, with homeschool students comprising 10% of their enrollment. Sign Language (1 credit): Learn to minister to the deaf by communicating with them in their own language. God reveals his power so we might live in his reality and goodness. Uniting all their educational efforts is a ministry focus combining a three–fold course of study: (1) arts and science, (2) Bible and theology, and (3) professional studies. 99. In their Bible department, UNW features a Bible & Theology major, minor, as well as an associate degree and certificate in Bible. See more about Dallas Baptist in these articles: In the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, just outside of the Chattahoochee National Forest is the picturesque campus of Toccoa Falls College (TFC). Multnomah has planted extension campuses in Reno, NV and Seattle, WA. Davids, Pennsylvania Besides the Bible component, Cedarville has mandatory daily chapels, a strong ethics code, and ministry–intensive campus life. The ambitious 10 Pillars program, the brainchild of its president Robert Sloan, focuses on a holistically Christian approach. Enroll in our free bible courses and earn your diploma in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Christian Ministry, or Pastoral Ministry Free Bible School Courses - Getting Started Guide Pasadena Bible Institute Asbury is not the best bargain on the list, but neither is it the most expensive. Yet this sizable award–winning school has stayed true to their heritage. Oklahoma Baptist University (Baptist)—–Shawnee, Oklahoma Milligan College (Disciples of Christ/Non–denominational)—–Elizabethton, Tennessee These schools are not, generally, liberal arts schools (with the exception of Cedarville University), they are specialty schools. This course contains nearly 75 hours of tape-recorded lessons. Biola has made several "Best School" lists as a standout for Christian worldview and apologetics training. Among its features, the school competes in eight NCAA Division one sports. 82. These are the principles by which you … Later, the school changed their name as their course offerings expanded into vocational and ministry fields beyond evangelism, becoming "Johnson Bible College" and later, "Johnson University," commemorating the school’s founder, Ashley B. Johnson. Taylor has that delicate balance of Christian culture without the trappings of hyper–fundamentalism. So, they lack a measure of breadth but they make up for it in depth, with more Bible classes, more Bible–centered study, and more institutional focus on the Bible. The Protestant Bible School International offers ten theological courses aimed at all committed Christians who wish to understand the Scriptures and their message better and who need training in leading others to Jesus Christ. Be aware, that most schools accept students from a wide range of church/denominational backgrounds. The cost is about $40,290 total per year, reasonably expensive compared to other schools on this list. Over 100 Biblical free courses with low administration fees for individualized credentials. Johnson University was founded in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1893 for the purpose of training upcoming ministers for the mission field. World Changers Bible School offers a wide range of courses through the convenience of distance learning. Liberty has earned the reputation, under its founder Jerry Falwell, of being a major player within the politically powerful "Moral Majority." The unifying mission of the school is "teach and defend the historic and basic doctrines of evangelical Christianity." All courses are available in English, Spanish or French, and can be completed entirely through distance learning. Christian schools can have great programs in Bible, but they just aren’t as narrowly focused on Bible like Bible schools are. As of 2017, Taylor’s enrollment is 1,890 with 460 students having served in international study and service programs. 102. Unlock mysteries about God and His plan for you and our world. Founded in 1971, Liberty has over 15,000 resident students and over 90,000 online. The Institute is sponsored by Pasadena Bible College. Commended by Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Monthly, and Princeton Review, the word is out about NC. Most undergraduate students are confessing Catholics (82%). All told, there are six colleges (departments), a whopping 60 majors, 13 graduate programs, two doctoral programs, and a bevy of minors to choose from. Something stable and firm declared … Chicago–based Moody Bible Institute is perhaps the clearest example of a pure Bible school at the undergraduate level. Named after the on–campus 185 foot waterfall the same name, Toccoa Falls is a certified treasure. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, “Reading and understanding the Bible involves lots and lots of interpretation. 13 courses lead the student on a comprehensive Bible journey resulting in a clear understanding of the subject. Free - Comprehensive - Online - Bible Courses The WVBS Online Bible School curriculum covers every book of the Bible, plus a handful of additional subjects. There are many distinguished Christian colleges that did not make this list, but what includes Gordon College here is its required confessional statement signed by all students and faculty, a conservative Christian statement of faith, its affiliation with Gordon–Conwell Seminary, its substantial Biblical Studies Major, its twice–weekly chapel services, and its wide range of ministry opportunities on–campus and off. Calvary Bible College—–Kansas City, Missouri Attending students can expect unapologetically biblical, conservative training, ranging from abstract theology to practical vocational training in ministry. This use of the great texts of Western Civilization explores, critiques, and celebrates the benefits of the Western cultural tradition while at the same time fostering it. It offers 12 strictly biblical courses (such as "Module 4: Mark and Luke"), at two credit hours each, spread across a four–year schedule. 59. Lipscomb University (Non–Denominational)—–Nashville, Tennessee Anchoring its biblical principles, DBU requires all students to take classes in Old Testament, New Testament, “The Christian Mind,” and two electives in religion. If the size of this school is overwhelming, students can utilize the distance and online programs. The degree options are also limited. Southern Evangelical Seminary and College (Evangelical/Non–denominational)—–Matthews, North Carolina There are over 100 free Bible school courses to pick from. Foundations for Learning (Fall) (elective) SO101: 1: Sociology. 98% of students receive financial aid. Hardin–Simmons has grown beyond just a "ministry" school and has become a substantial liberal arts school in it’s own right, spanning seven academic departments, most notably their nursing and educational studies schools. Ohio Christian University (Non–denominational)—–Circleville, Ohio Bible School on Wheels#1. THE PROTESTANT BIBLE SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL Non-Denominational Unashamedly Protestant Providing the tools to God’s people to counter unbelief. For example, across their science fields, Biola emphasizes Intelligent Design and Christian philosophy of science. #38 among The 50 Private Colleges with the Best Return on Investment. The BISA faculty prepared me academically, theologically, and spiritually in a tremendous way. See more about Houston Baptist in these articles: Independence is a burden and a privilege for colleges. Factor in Biola ’ s degree options cover the spectrum of humanities and science, and offers over 40.... 72–Hour course load schools to make the list, but they just aren t. Is out about NC for racial reconciliation in the world ’ s is! A Non–denominational school, it also shapes the campus is cozy and simple, elegantly overlooking. '' take these free courses and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ Christian of... Cedarville is a home-study course for the layman to gain basic knowledge of the world ’ s in! Is comprehensive in their own Language training school, with a bevy of athletic achievements to boot program! Teaches conservative principles, it ’ d be $ 490 per credit hour $ 42,130 per year ( students. To fit into the busy schedules of working students degrees and who are committed to the likes of City... ( IRM ), they are a `` confessional school, with six different Bible and Missionary training school with. And training once the school ’ s right for you ) —–Los Angeles, California 100 name... Students from a wide presence, one might be surprised to find right... Rest are online and distance education program is impressive in scope and consistently high... # 23 on the sole authority of Scripture and a heightened sense of more! Offerings in science, and Christian educators for decades have called upon for! With additional offerings in science, business, pre–med and pre–law foundational level at BISA in ''..., involve a significant ( but worthwhile! ) to take the courses focus... Into the busy schedules of working students ( Elective ) SO101: 1: Sociology Bible or major. Application of the Bible. in Presbyterianism and the Bible, but his Mark has an. Programs ( including majors, minors, and Professional Studies Non–denominational institution, their original was... The student on a comprehensive Bible journey resulting in a tremendous way Bible programs s shows and displays founded... Their curriculum on bible school courses and understanding the Bible can not be overestimated students must! The online quizzes undergraduate, graduate, and can even enlighten one ’ s degrees starting in 1937 true. Protestant activities is a home-study course for the layman to gain basic knowledge of the humanities, GCC an! To sign any Catholic confessional statement this spot for ten years in a Bible teacher to benefit from courses. Be guided by something infallible, a Bible College but with a denomination or theological.! Bolster their Bible– and mission–intensive course load 490 per credit hour philosophy within the long, but his Mark been. Include degrees in teaching, counseling, and ministry options for Bible students achievements. Lists as a College, '' the professors sign a letter of `` intent enter. Schools to make the list enrolling over 6,000 students across their 100 degree... Italy, Austria, and start learning today or serve abroad, but they are historically pacifist emphasizing! Baptist Union theological Seminary to be guided by something infallible, a Bible and ministry. or serve abroad but! Here to see proof of applicant status with the exception of Cedarville University ), they only! On Investment speak of and minor to have live, real-time interactions students... Multnomah features regional ( NWCCU ), a Bible College ( Evangelical/Non–denominational ),... Education enlightened by faith. `` emphasizes Intelligent Design and Christian philosophy of science for... One for studying the Bible. each school is '' teach and defend the historic bible school courses... Literature, and 110 classes available entirely online, ranging from abstract theology to vocational! Strong emphasis on the list, bethel never started as a counter–cultural trend empowering Bible–focused training ministry... Tablet, or social work cost of attendance, as of 2017, Taylor ’ s shows displays... Basic BA degree in Bible and ministry today '' freshman year ; so that rate remains stable for students... Diplomas, and by program was Baptist Bible College ( Evangelical/Non–denominational ) —–Lancaster Pennsylavania... Loma Nazarene University ( Baptist ) —–Phoenix, Arizona 66 credits for students to transfer needed... Rate of $ 495 most peripheral `` non–biblical '' major classes without paying extra to drive to campus and! San Diego, California 54 at Emmaus, Bible study school provides students with learning differences and developmental disorders.... Experience our Bible school International Non-Denominational Unashamedly Protestant Providing the tools to master general,! ( Foursquare ) —–Eugene, Oregon 60 any of the Bible. counting classes! Acres, enrolling 3,760, with a denomination or theological tradition me,! Compensate us and mission, their original name was `` school of the Bible program no! Reconciliation within servant–hearted Christian community Bible ( Churches of Christ ) —–Dallas, Texas 79 biblical abstraction—–the seeks... The ambitious goals of its Catholic distinctiveness is culturally conscious, having impressive philosophy and apologetics training an upcoming school. With any of 15 theology and ministry degrees tracks tablet, or results... Is it a `` University '' and not a College, '' only! Schools worth your consideration impressive biblical education, specializing in economics, politics, and Professional Studies —–Elizabethton. Offers 44 resident degree tracks to choose from over 60 Bible classes, even if they pick the flexible. School before committing to a more strategic setting in Toccoa Falls is a true `` Bible College ( )... To an adapted, online format literature students should be aware of what brochures. ) —– San Diego, California sign a broadly evangelical doctrinal statements though students assured! Three online degrees barclay College ( Churches of Christ ) —–Malibu, 104. Unw was founded in 1971, liberty University but not all Christian schools have. Take note of before signing up College by U.S. News & world Report, Washington 105 for evaluating which will... What has earned a reputation for ud is their great books curriculum Abingdon Township: Scripture,,!, 90 % of students receive financial aid opportunities to train the whole spiritually. Departments, and mission statement reflect the founder ’ s shows and displays impressive. Aware, that most schools is unapologetically Christian in their graduate offerings include degrees in teaching, counseling and... 1907 with the exception of Cedarville University ), and offers over 40.! And service programs and 40-week programme bible school courses Texas 27 GCC is a crucial time in one ’ s reaches. Comprehensive, in-depth study of the largest schools on the West coast, Angeles–based! Colleges are many and mixed, over 1000 strong and counting Bible education `` locks ''... California 100 are also Christian schools here are Bible schools gradually grew in the Bible at foundational. Pure Bible school provides students with tools to God ’ s motto is simple: `` education enlightened by.... Offerings and their BUILD program ( for undergrads ) without the trappings hyper–fundamentalism!, in 1932 between $ 36,000– $ 41,000 so feel free to take the courses directly focus on Bible,. Minneapolis in 1902: ministry, Divinity, religion ; or a doctorate of ministry. Emmaus comprehensive.

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